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Screws Kit - X1 Series/P1 Series and AMS

$24.99 AUD

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$24.99 AUD

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The Screws Kit for X1 Series/P1 Series and AMS offers the screws most commonly used based on user feedback.

For more detailed information and image guide, please visit the Bambu Lab Wiki.

Screws Information

Item Number Item Name QTY Location
1 ST3-4.5 10 Rear Panel and the Front Cover (Front)
2 M3-6 20 XY/Z Motor and the X1 AP Board
3 BT3-8 10 Heatbed Unit and the AMS Main Frame
4 BT2-8 10 AMS first stage feeder, the MC board, and the Excess chute
5 BT3-6 20 P1S panels and the Z-axis Timing Pulley
6 M3-14 10 Driven gear of the Extruder Unit
7 MG2.5-13 10 Cutter lever
8 MG3-14 5 Hotend
9 MG2.5-15 5 Hotend Cooling Fans
10 BTG2-6 10 PTEF tube bracket
11 BT3-5 10 Rear Panel and the Front Cover (Rear)
12 M3-4.5 20 X1C Panels
13 ST2-3.5 10 P1S Panels (Upper)
14 M1.6-4 10 TH Board FPC Cable of X1C toolhead PCBs
15 BT2-5 20 Toolhead housing and PCBs
16 The pressing plate 5 Extruder Gear Assembly
17 0.9x11 mm Helical Compression Spring 5 Extruder Gear Assembly
18 M3-23 5 For the AMS Filament Buffer