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$61.99 AUD

GST included.

Product Features

  • Exceptional Thermal Resistance
  • Excellent Mechanical Properties
  • High Impact Strength and Durability
  • Suitable for Engineering Purpose
  • Comes with High Temperature Reusable Spool
  • Diameter: 1.75mm +/- 0.03mm

Cautions for Use
  • Dry out before use
  • AMS Compatible
  • Enclosure Printers Required

Color: Transparent (60103)
$61.99 AUD

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Accessory Compatibility

Recommended Not Recommended
Build Plate Engineering Plate, High Temperature Plate or Textured PEI Plate Cool Plate
Hotend All Size / Material /
Glue Glue Stick Bambu Liquid Glue

RFID for Intelligent Printing

All printing parameters are embedded in RFID, which can be read through our AMS (Automatic Material System).

Load and print! No more tedious setting steps.

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Recommended Printing Settings
Drying Settings (Blast Drying Oven) 80 °C,8h
Printing and Keeping Container's Humidity < 20% RH (Sealed, with Desiccant)
Nozzle Temperature 250 - 270 °C
Bed Temperature (with Glue) 90 - 110 °C
Printing Speed < 300 mm/s
Physical Properties
Density 1.20 g/cm³
Vicat Softening Temperature 119 °C
Heat Deflection Temperature 117 °C
Melting Temperature 228 °C
Melt Index 32.2 ± 2.9 g/10 min
Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength 55 ± 4 MPa
Breaking Elongation Rate 3.8 ± 0.3 %
Bending Modulus 2310 ± 70 MPa
Bending Strength 108 ± 4 MPa
Impact Strength 34.8 ± 2.1 kJ/m²

Printing Tips:

• Due to the transparent properties of the filament, Lidar Extrusion Calibration can be affected when printing Transparent PC.

• Bambu PC needs proper drying before printing, recommended drying temperature is 80 ℃ for 8 hours in a blast drying oven, or 100 ℃ for 12 hours on a printer's heatbed. For more details please refer to: Filament drying cover on WIKI.

What's in the Box:


Filament*1 & Desiccant*1

pc filament pc filament

Instructions*1 & Spool Sticker*1

pla basic pla basic


pc filament pc filament

Filament Label*1