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M3 Socket Head Cap Machine Screws (SHCS) - Half Thread

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$3.99 AUD

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Socket Head Cap Machine Screws (SHCS) Socket Head Cap Machine Screws (SHCS)

Product ID
M (mm)

Nominal Diameter

P (mm)

Thread Pitch

L (mm)

Bolt Length

S (mm)

Thread length

d (mm)

Shoulder Diameter

D (mm)

Head Diameter

H (mm)

Head Thickness

k (mm)

Hexagon Across Flats

t (mm)

Groove Depth

Screwdriver Bit
AA003 3 0.5 21.5 6 2.6 4.5 2.5 2 1.2 H2

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Basic Information

Surface Treatment Zinc-nickel alloy plating
Mounting Hole Shape Hex socket
Screw Type Half thread
Carbon steel
Thread Ridge Type Metric coarse
Color Silver

Product Feature

  • Carbon steel Socket Head Cap Machine Screws (SHCS)

  • Strength grade: 4.8

  • Type of thread: Metric coarse thread (currently all screws are metric coarse thread)