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Lubricant Grease and Lubricant Oil - A1 Series

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$12.99 AUD

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Lubricant Grease is used for lubricating lead screws to eliminate noise issues between belts and idler pulleys.

Lubricant Oil is typically used for the lubrication of linear guides, slide rails, and steel shafts.

Important to know

Lubricant Grease and Lubricant Oil can only used for A1 Series and can NOT be used on the X-axis carbon rods of the X1 and P1 Series.

Theoretically, Lubricant Oil can also be used for lead screw lubrication, but since Lubricant Oil is prone to evaporation, this would require more frequent reapplication of the lubricant.


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In the Box

- Lubricant Grease *2

- Lubricant Oil *2



A1 Series Exclusive


Product Specifications

Materials Grease, Oil Color Transparent
Packaging Weight 0.1 kg Packaging Size 105*54*33 mm