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Extruder Unit - A1 Series

$51.99 AUD

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$51.99 AUD

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The Extruder Unit features dual gears made of hardened steel to feed filament into the hotend. The hardened steel gears provide increased extrusion force, prevent slippage, and enhance abrasion resistance. These gears enable the extruder unit to handle tough engineering filaments such as carbon fiber nylon and glass fiber nylon.

The extruder unit is also equipped with a filament cutter for filament unloading or switching, and an extruder motor that supplies the required power for the extrusion process.


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In the Box

1. Extruder Unit * 1 (including filament cutter and extruder motor)
2. M2-2 Screws * 2
3. BT2-3 Screws * 2
4. M3-10 Screws * 2


A1 Series

Product Specifications

Materials Plastic, Metal Packaging Size 120*80*60 mm
Color Grey
Packaging Weight 230 g