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Complete Hotend Assembly - P1P

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The Bambu Lab hotend features a unique all-in-one design that combines the heatsink, throat, heater block, and nozzle into a single unit. This design offers several advantages, including faster heating times compared to traditional hotends and a reduction in filament oozing or leaking at the nozzle and heat break interface. 

By having all the components integrated, the Bambu Lab hotend minimizes the number of potential points of failure and simplifies maintenance and assembly. Overall, this innovative design can provide a more efficient and reliable 3D printing experience.

Bambu Lab offers hotends in two configurations: a single hotend with nozzle and a complete hotend assembly. The complete hotend assembly includes the hotend with nozzle, a cooling fan, a ceramic heater, a thermistor, and a silicone sock. It comes pre-assembled and ready to use in your Bambu Lab 3D printer.

If you need to change your nozzle diameter, you can replace the hotend with nozzle on your original complete hotend assembly or purchase a new complete hotend assembly altogether.

*Please confirm your printer model before making a purchase, as the connectors may differ between the X1 Series version and the P1P version.


With its heavy-duty and long service life, the complete hotend assembly can be easily installed and replaced. Learn more about complete hotend replacement on Bambu Lab Wiki.

In the Box

- Complete Hotend Assembly - P1P
- M3-14 Step Screws * 2


P1P Exclusive

Nozzle Selection Guide

Nozzle Diameter Incompatible Filaments Applicable Printing Requirements
0.2mm Not Allowed
PLA Sparkle
PLA Marble
Ultra-fine detail but long print time
0.4mm Not Recommended
Filaments containing carbon fiber or glass fiber
Fine detail with reasonable print time
0.6mm & 0.8mm None
Less detail for shorter print time
Nozzle Material Hardness Incompatible Filaments
Hardened Steel 55 - 60 HRC None
Stainless Steel 25 - 30 HRC Filaments containing fiber, particles, metal powder

Product Specifications

Max. Printing Temp. 300 ℃ Length 47.3 mm
Packaging Weight 40 g Packaging Size 190*70*50 mm