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2510 5V DC Fan with SH1.0 Connector

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$9.99 AUD

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2510 5V DC Fan with SH1.0 Connector 2510 5V DC Fan with SH1.0 Connector




Product Specifications

Rated Voltage (V) 5V
Rated Current (A) 0.3A
Rated Speed (RPM) 14500
Air Flow at Zero Static Pressure (CFM) 2.19
Connector Model SH1.0-2P
Cable Length (mm) 90
Hole Distance (mm) 20x20
Noise (DB-A) 35DB-A (Max:38DB-A)
Product Size (mm) 25.2x25.2x10
Product Weight (lb) 0.044 lb


The 2510 5V DC Fan is a low-power, low-noise and high-speed fan that can be used for heat dissipation and ventilation. It can also can be combined with 3D printing models to achieve various functions, such as mini humidifiers, purifiers, etc.


  • Before use, please make sure the supply voltage meets the use of the product range and the voltage is stable. Line-powered load exceeds the maximum power consumption of this product 120%.

  • During operation, avoid blocking the blades of the fan.

  • Avoid carrying the fan by holding the lead wires. The bearings and the lead wires may become damaged. Additionally, static electricity may damage the internal circuits of the fan.

  • Avoid using the fan in environments of corrosive gas or liquid.

  • Do not store the fan in environments with high humidity.

  • Avoid storing the fan for over 6 months. For long term storage, please connect power to the fan shortly every 6 months even though the fan is stored at room temperature.