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1 Wire Slip Ring 12.5mm with SH1.0 Connector

$6.94 AUD

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$6.94 AUD

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Product ID
D (mm)

Outer Diameter

Channel Number


Wire Gauge


XA001 12.5 2 AWG28


Basic Information

Quantity 1PCS
Rated Voltage 0~ 240 VAC/VDC
Rated Current 2A per line
Working Temperature -10°C to +80°C
Speed Range 0 to 250 rpm
International Protection Rating IP54

Product Feature

Precision compact internal design with 360° rotation, preventing wire tangling and breakage      |        Featuring a V-groove design with military-grade wear-resistant gold treatment             Stable, smooth, low-torque operation enables the transmission of multiple signals and power together       |      Ensures minimal resistance fluctuation and a long lifespan


  • The product's lifespan is strongly related to operating speed, working temperature, humidity, and load conditions
  • Electrical noise is closely related to operating speed, current, and voltage